Diabetes Prevalence

Area of Focus: Living

Prevalence Rate* of Diabetes, Peel and Ontario, 2002-2011

*Reflects respondents aged 20 years and older.

Source: Ontario Diabetes Database, 2002-2011, Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences [Data provided by special request December, 2014]. Population Estimates 2002-2011, IntelliHealth Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Why is this important?

How is this measured?

What progress are we making?

1 Glazier, RH; Booth GL; Dunn JR; Polsky JY; Weyman JT; Tynan AM; Creatore MI, Gozdyra, P, editors. Diabetes Atlas for the Region of Peel. Peel Public Health; 2014.

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