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    Current Initiatives

    Survey about Connecting Communities, Businesses and Resources
    Portraits of Peel
    For social assistance recipients in Ontario
    For People at Risk
    For Children
    For Single-Parent Families
    For All Parents
    For Immigrants

    Portraits of Peel

    As Peel's population grows, so does the need for careful investment in community health and human services. However, this is increasingly difficult as overall funding for these services is shrinking relative to the growing needs, compelling Peel to do more with less. Portraits of Peel 2011: A Community Left Behind provides an inside look at the funding gaps in Peel and the challenges individuals and families face. It is a collaborative initiative with the Fair Share Task Force, The Social Planning Council of Peel, United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel. To request for hard copies, please e-mail Joan Endersby.

    2011 Portraits of Peel: A Community Left Behind (PDF 1.6MB, 35 pages)
    2005 Portraits of Peel: Facing the Facts (PDF 884KB, 32 pages)

    For social assistance recipients in Ontario

    The Ontario government has launched the first major review of the province’s social assistance programs in 20 years. The review will help Ontario develop an action plan that will make social assistance:

    • easier to understand
    • more effective at getting people into jobs
    • work better with other government programs and agencies
    • more accountable and fiscally responsible

    Residents who have been or are currently on social assistance or ODSP; community service providers; front-line workers; business leaders; elected officials are all encouraged to provide feedback on the social assistance program.

    For more information visit www.socialassistancereview.ca

    Community Forum Tuesday, February 28, 2012
    Peel's Consultations for the Social Assistance Review - Flyer
    (PDF 102 kb, 1 page)

    People at Risk

    Project Lifesaver Peel
    Helping to track those that are at a risk of wandering

    Project Lifesaver Peel helps families to protect members who may wander or bolt; typically individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, down syndrome, acquired brain injury or other kinds of cognitive impairment.

    The program equips individuals who have a history of wandering with a one-ounce wrist-transmitter that emits a radio tracking signal 24/7 within a seven kilometre radius. When notified by caregivers that the individual is missing, specially trained law enforcement officers use mobile tracking equipment to find them.

    Ontario Works Outreach Team

    Managed by Ontario Works in Peel the team is a collaborative effort between many regional and provincial organizations. The Outreach Team goes out into the community in a mobile outreach van providing five important services: basic health care and basic needs, mental health and addiction referral and advocacy and transitional supports. These services are provided to those individuals who are homeless or are at-risk of homelessness in our community.

    Eliminating Homelessness

    Peel has a strategic plan to eliminate homelessness and provide support to individuals and families who are at risk. Our departments work together to provide support and services that help people become self-sufficient, stay independent, and contribute to the community. Our new “Eliminating Homelessness” website is set to launch in the fall of 2006..

    Rent Bank/Preventing Homelessness in Peel

    The Preventing Homelessness in Peel program provides immediate, one-time assistance to people on the verge of losing their homes or places of shelter. It is co-funded by the Government of Ontario and the Region of Peel.

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    Success By 6 – Children’s Services

    Success By 6 calls attention to the importance of early learning for children aged 5 and under. The United Way of Peel Region and more than 60 partners in business, labour, health, social services and government work together on this non-profit, community-based initiative.

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    Single-Parent Families

    Families First – Ontario Works

    Families First connects single-parent families on social assistance with public health nurses, employment programs, child care and recreation. This program not only enhances lives, but also helps reduce future need for social support.

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    All Parents

    Child Care SNAP - Peel (Child Care Special Needs Access Point - Peel)
    905-791-7800 ext. 7627

    SNAP makes it easier for pre-school children with special needs to participate in licensed child care programs.

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    For Immigrants

    Peel Immigration Labour Market Survey

    The Region of Peel, in partnership with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Diversity Institute at Ryerson University conducted the first ever research study into the Peel’s labour market, with a focus on the immigrant labour market experience. The findings reveal that newcomers to Canada face far greater barriers to accessing the job market than Canadian-born job seekers.

    In the sample of 1,425 immigrants and Canadian-born Peel residents surveyed, the findings point to a significant gap in skill utilization, income and credential recognition of immigrants in the workplace. In addition, despite having their education and experience assessed prior to immigration, skilled worker principal applicants are not more likely to be employed, are not earning more income nor are they able to find employment in jobs that utilize their skills.

    The study was led by the Region of Peel’s Human Services department which will leverage the report recommendations to guide its strategies with the provincial and municipal governments, community organizations and businesses to help address critical gaps for newcomers in accessing the job market. The recommendations will also help determine which services can support greater equality in the labour market for all Peel residents.

    The complete report of survey findings is available at:

    Immigration Discussion Papers

    In 2008, with funding assistance from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Region of Peel commissioned a series of discussion papers on key issues related to immigration.

    Each of the papers helps us to better understand the immigrant experience and offers a number of recommendations for how the Region of Peel can help immigrants be successful in their new home and become fully integrated members of society. These recommendations have implications for all Regional services, the corporate diversity strategy and all public services in Peel.

    • Social Cohesion, Social Exclusion, Social Capital
    • Meeting the Needs of Immigrants Throughout the Life Cycle
    • From Generation to Generation: Utilizing the Human Capital of Newcomer Parents to Benefit Families
    • Neighbourhood Patterns and Housing Choices of Immigrants
    • Meeting the Human Service Needs of Immigrants
    Read Overviews of the Discussion Papers

    Peel Newcomer Strategy

    The Region of Peel and United Way of Peel Region chair the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group (PNSG). Comprised of 15 dedicated partners, the purpose of this initiative is to develop a coordinated and integrated community plan about newcomer services that enables new immigrants in Peel to successfully settle and integrate.

    Shelley White, United Way of Peel, 905-602-3610
    Janet Menard, Region of Peel, 905-791-7800, ext.4939

    Communications from Co-Chairs

    The Peel Newcomer Strategy Group meets monthly and information from their meetings is communicated by the co-chairs.

    Liveable Peel – Immigration Project
    This is a long-term project ensuring Region of Peel services attract and support newcomers and ensures their contribution to the community is maximized and that they are integrated into all facets of the community.

    Norm McLeod, 905-791-7800, ext. 4931

    Mentoring Partnership – Community Funding Programs

    Peel is a member of the Mentoring Partnership, an alliance of community agencies that matches skilled immigrants with established professionals in the same occupation.

    Municipal Immigration Web Portal

    The Region of Peel is one of 13 municipalities to apply for and receive funding from the Ontario government to develop a municipal immigration web portal to support the integration of new Canadians into the community.

    A project team, responsible for overseeing and managing the work, comprises an interdisciplinary group of Regional staff who seek advice, input and assistance from external partners and stakeholders. A working group responsible for developing the portal includes Regional staff and external partners. The Region is responsible for the development, maintenance and updating of the portal as well as the Regional government content; partners and stakeholders are responsible for external content.

    Helping Newcomers Succeed in Peel Region
    The primary goal of the web portal is to support prospective immigrants and those who have recently arrived in Peel by connecting them to the critical information they need to:

    • Make an informed decision in considering Peel Region as a site to settle in Canada.
    • Prepare themselves effectively before immigrating to Peel.
    • Access services and supports available for newcomers when they arrive.
    Consultations with newcomers and service providers point the way

    Consultations with recent newcomers, established newcomers and agencies that assist newcomers identified key information that would benefit potential immigrants and their families, as well as recent arrivals. Focus groups and a community workshop held last fall generated a wealth of ideas, from experienced sources, about the kind of information that would be of most benefit to newcomers.

    To learn more about the web portal:

    To learn more about the community consultations:

    Please email your comments and suggestions to the project team.

    Project Lead:
    Rekha Lakhani, 905-791-7800 ext. 8031.

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    Revised: Thursday April 23 2015


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