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Water and Wastewater

Water Testing in Your Home

The Region of Peel continuously monitors the quality of its water to ensure clean and safe drinking water.

Some of our water programs require testing on private premises, such as residential homes or businesses. This testing would only be done by the Region with prior arrangements made with the owner or tenant.

Stringent provincial guidelines require that drinking water samples must be collected and handled by qualified persons certified by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and analysed at an accredited laboratory. Peel staff would not leave a bottle at the door requesting a sample of water for testing.

Our operations staff are certified and licensed to perform water safety checks and collect samples within the drinking water systems, and they always carry Region of Peel identification.

An example of a water testing bottle that would NOT be used by the Region of Peel.
An example of a water testing bottle that would NOT be used by the Region of Peel

Home Water Treatment Systems

There are many responsible home water treatment businesses that offer products that live up to their claims. Unfortunately some companies and salespeople, in an effort to sell their products, resort to grabbing the public's attention and misinforming them about the safety of municipal drinking water. As a result, Peel consumers may have been subjected to false marketing strategies and purchased products that are costly and unnecessary.

To ensure you are informed about the water quality in Peel and less likely to become a target of a company trying to sell you costly and inappropriate water treatment equipment always ask for proper identification.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our Water Quality Team at 905-791-7800
ext. 4685
or via e-mail.

Revised: Friday January 09 2015


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