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Images from Peel Region

Region of Peel Greenlands System

The Greenlands System was created to ensure that Peel’s natural features and their functions will be preserved over time. Regional policies relating to the Greenlands System can be found in the Peel Region Official Plan.

The Greenlands System contains many different kinds of environmental features, such as woodlands, valley and stream corridors and other natural areas like Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs) and Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSIs).

There are three levels of protection in the Greenlands System:

  • Core Areas provide ideal conditions for uninterrupted natural systems and provide habitat for many different kinds of wildlife;
  • Natural Areas and Corridors (NACs) contain important natural features and support the core areas; and,
  • Potential Natural Areas and Corridors (PNACs) may contain important natural features, and are protected by the area municipalities. In some cases, PNACs may need to be studied further to determine the best ways to protect them.

Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSIs)

Statistics on Earth Science and Life Science ANSIs in Peel by municipality.

Environmentally Significant Areas (ESAs)

Statistics on ESAs in Peel by municipality.

Threatened Species and Endangered Species

See a list of the endangered species and threatened species in Peel.

Valley and Stream Corridors

Statistics on valley and stream corridors in Peel by conservation authority.


Statistics on wetlands in Peel by municipality.


Statistics on woodlands in Peel by municipality.

Natural areas within the Region of Peel may be characterized by more than one type of natural feature. For example an area may be both a Wetland as well as a Valley and Stream Corridor.

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Statistics on Peel’s watersheds and subwatersheds.

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