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For Immediate Release:
February 22, 2005

An Overview of the Characteristics and Experiences of Immigrants in Peel

( Brampton) - On Feb. 17, 2005, Council endorsed a report on the trends of immigrants living in Peel. In a report titled, An Overview of the Characteristics and Experiences of Peel's Immigrants, the Planning department highlighted trends of Peel's immigration characteristics. Several areas were identified that need further study in order to better understand implications of these trends on the planning and delivery of Regional services.

According to the 2001 Statistics Canada Census, notable Peel statistics include:

  • Population living in households headed by immigrants make up over 60 per cent of Peel’s population
  • Recent immigrants, people who first immigrated to Canada within the previous ten years, make up more than 20 per cent of the population
  • Immigrants from India, Pakistan and the Philippines make up over 50 per cent of all immigrants coming to Peel

This report shows that more immigrants are arriving directly or moving from other places to the Region of Peel. Sizeable ethnic communities, cultural and religious centres, established ethnically identifiable services and more affordable housing are identified key factors in attracting immigrants to the Region of Peel.

"The Region is the second most popular destination for immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton (GTAH) for reasons including, the availability of affordable housing, family reunification and ethnic support services," said Commissioner of Planning, Nick Tunnacliffe. "By evaluating information about trends in Peel's immigration characteristics, the Region of Peel hopes to continue to provide the highest quality of life for all residents."

Other characteristics of immigration identified in the 2001 Statistics Canada Census were noted and compared with characteristics of non-immigrants in Peel. Some of these comparisons include:

  • 82.9 per cent of immigrants are in the labour force age group (15-64), whereas only 61 per cent of non-immigrants are classified in this age category
  • 6.4 per cent of immigrants are under the age of 15 while 34.3 per cent of non-immigrants are under the age of 15
  • Recent immigrants live in households with 3.9 persons, immigrants with 3.7 persons and non-immigrants with 2.8 persons
  • 21.2 per cent of recent immigrants share a dwelling with others, while only 18 per cent of immigrants and 7.8 of non-immigrants live in shared dwellings

Immigration trends in Peel will affect Regional and municipal service delivery. The Planning department identified several areas that require further study in order to better understand and plan for future services including:

  • Settlement patterns and living arrangements
  • The choices in housing, social services and health services that immigrants make
  • Understanding the skills and labour force potential that immigrants possess

"Immigration trends affect services provided by all levels of government,"said Councillor Elaine Moore, Chair of the Planning Section of General Committee. "The Region of Peel will continue to work closely with the federal and provincial governments and area municipalities to plan services that will meet changing needs."

As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Ontario, the Region of Peel is committed to developing effective strategies to sustain Peel's quality of life. For more information on the Region of Peel, please call 905-791-7800 or visit peelregion.ca

Nick Tunnacliffe
Commissioner of Planning
Region of Peel
905-791-7800, Ext. 4349

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