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revised August 15, 2012

Information on the Vaccine

The hepatitis B vaccine has been shown to be very safe. There is no risk of getting hepatitis B or any other virus from the vaccine. The vaccine is synthetic, has been used in Canada for more than ten years, and does not contain any blood or plasma products.

How is it given?

For the Grade 7 program, the hepatitis B vaccine is given in two injections four to six months apart. The vaccine is administered by injection into the muscle of the arm. Both doses of the vaccine are required in order to be fully protected from hepatitis B.

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Who will not be vaccinated?

Students must be in good health in order to receive the vaccine. Those who have a fever will not be vaccinated. Students who are allergic to any of the vaccine components should not receive the vaccine. Vaccine components include thimerosol (mercury), aluminum and yeast. Students with a latex allergy will be referred to their family doctor.

Prior to administering the vaccine, nurses will ask students standard screening questions about their general health, allergies, and any previous vaccine reactions.

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Side effects

Allergic reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine are uncommon. Side effects of the vaccine are rare and if they do occur, are usually mild. These milder side effects could include redness, warmth or slight swelling where the needle was given, tiredness or a slight fever. More serious reactions include difficulty breathing, swelling of the face or mouth, a fever higher than 39 degrees celcius, hives or a rash. Anyone who experiences serious side effects should seek medical attention immediately. Peel Health should also be notified.

For More Information Call Peel Health at: 905-799-7700.

Caledon Residents Can Call Free Of Charge at 905-584-2216.

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Revised: August 15, 2012


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