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Marijuana Grow Operations

Identifying and Reporting an MGO

How to Identify

Signs of a marijuana grow operation may include:

Scents and sounds

    • the sweet, pungent scent of marijuana.
    • the scent of moth balls or fabric softener to disguise the smell of marijuana.
    • strange or continuous noises (such as fans) to vent odour or heat.

Unusual activity around the property

    • absence of occupants and/or any irregular activity.
    • people only using the garage door to enter the home.
    • large fertilizer bags, garden hoses, plastic pipes, lumber, several different sizes of pots or any other items that may be used for growing plants indoors.

Inside and outside

    • untidy homes and lawn.
    • tampering with the electrical meter and/or wires outside the home.
    • build-up of condensation on the windows.
    • covered windows (especially basement windows).
    • no garbage on the curb on pick-up days or garbage placed at the curb by people who come to the home from another location.
    • lights controlled by timers.

In winter

    • people only come to the property to shovel snow from the driveway or walkway.
    • less snow on the roof compared to other homes on the street.

How to Report

If you wish to directly report an MGO to Peel Regional Police, please call 905-453-3311 ext 3515.

If you observe any of the signs of an MGO and think there might be an MGO in your neighbourhood, please contact Peel Police Crime Stoppers to provide an anonymous tip. You can contact Peel Crime Stoppers in the following ways:

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