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revised March 24, 2011

Arrow BulletSelf Esteem: Becoming Your Own Power Source - Self Reliance - Handling Criticism and Mistakes

When you take a risk or try new roles, others, even those close to you may not share your enthusiasm, and may be critical of your new direction. Even in healthy relationships, people sometimes vent in hurtful ways. When this happens, an affirmation, such as I am worthwhile and capable reminds you that your sense of worth is simply not on the line. Take a couple of deep breaths to help you stay calm and express your thoughts clearly, with self-respect and respect for the other person.

Mistakes can be obvious in retrospect... but going into a situation, people usually make the best choice based on the information they have, and their needs at the time. Regardless of the motivation, mistakes are still your responsibility to acknowledge, apologize, and do what can be done to correct the situation. Taking responsibility for mistakes boosts self-esteem and self-respect much more than avoiding or denying the situation, making excuses or blaming others.

Let go of past mistakes with compassion and forgiveness... for yourself... just as you would for a friend who has made a mistake. Forgiveness restores energy and allows you to move on and learn from what went wrong.

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Revised: March 24, 2011


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