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Business Establishments

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Data source – STATSCAN

  • In December 2017, there were 165,951 business establishments in Peel Region, comprising 143,457 (or 87.0 per cent of total) classified businesses and 21,494 unclassified1 businesses.
  • The 143,457 classified businesses can be disaggregated in several ways.
  • When disaggregated by businesses “with” and “without” employees,
    • 50,827 businesses (35.4 per cent) were businesses “with” employees,
    • 92,630 businesses (64.6 per cent) were “without” employees.
  • When disaggregated by the two major sub-sectors, the service sector accounted for 124,306 businesses in December 2017, while the remaining 19,151 businesses were in the goods-producing sector.
  • These represented shares of 13.3 per cent and 86.7 per cent of total respectively.
  • At 86.7 per cent, the proportion of Peel’s total business establishments in services rose by 0.4 percentage points relative to December 2016 as the long-term shift of Peel’s businesses towards services continued.
  • In December 2017, the goods-producing sector accounted for 13.3 per cent of total businesses, down from 13.7 per cent in December 2016.
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Data source – STATSCAN

1 Unclassified business establishments are those which did fit into any of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and are therefore not yet assigned NAICS code.