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Images from Peel Region

 Table of Contents

Introductory Section
Regional Council and Executive Management Team 4
Message from the Regional Chair and Chief Administrative Officer 6
Highlights of 2004 Program Accomplishments and Awards 8
Message from the Treasurer and Commissioner of Finance 10

Financial Section
Auditorsí Report 29
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 30
Consolidated Statement of Financial Activities 31
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Financial Position 32
Notes to Financial Statements 33
Consolidated Schedule of Current Fund Operations 39
Consolidated Schedule of Capital Fund Operations 41
Consolidated Schedule of Reserves and Reserve Fund Operations 42

Sinking Funds
Auditorsí Report 44
Statement of Financial Position 45
Statement of Financial Activities 45
Notes to Financial Statements 46

Trust Funds
Auditorsí Report 47
Statement of Financial Position 48
Statement of Financial Activities and Changes in Fund Balance 48
Notes to Financial Statements 48

Five-Year Financial and Statistical Review
Five-Year Financial Review 50
Five-Year Statistical Review 52
Business Sector and Labour Force Review 53

Revised: Friday August 13 2010


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