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Decisions Newsletter
The following are Decisions made by Regional Council on Thursday, November 24, 2011.

 Topics in this Issue:
- Housing in Peel: Report Two (Housing Investment Plan)
- Provincial Approval of Appointment of Ontario Works Administrator for the Region of Peel
- Peel Heritage Complex: New Name, Brand and Trademark
- Accessible Transportation Family of Services
- Traffipax Agreement for Red Light Camera Services
- Paramedic Facility Co-location with the Town of Caledon

 Human Services
Housing in Peel: Report Two (Housing Investment Plan)
Regional Council received a presentation and report titled “Housing in Peel: Report Two”. The report proposes four strategic directions to reduce Peel’s centralized waiting list: (1) Increase the number of rental assistance recipients; (2) Increase the rental housing supply; (3) Increase access to homeownership and (4) Enhance housing stability.

In February 2011, Regional Council approved $17.1 million in annualized funding with the direction to reduce Peel’s centralized waiting list. Upon implementation, the proposed plan will support 2,650 households (including over 1700 new Rent-Geared-to-Income subsidies) on an ongoing (annual) basis and provide one-time assistance such as down payment assistance, to 3,839 households for a variety of housing initiatives over the next 20 years.

Going forward, the plan aims to ensure new subsidies are created to support new builds and to provide immediate and long term sustainable support to people during vulnerable times in their lives.

For more information on Housing in Peel, please visit http://www.peelregion.ca/housing/

(2011-1158 and 2011-1159)
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Provincial Approval of Appointment of Ontario Works Administrator for the Region of Peel
Regional Council approved Stella Danos-Papaconstantinou for appointment as Ontario Works (OW) Administrator in accordance with the Ontario Works Act. The OW Administrator will be required to oversee the administration of the Act in the Peel Region. The appointment is subject to approval by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

For more information about Ontario Works in Peel Region, please visit http://www.peelregion.ca/ow/

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Peel Heritage Complex: New Name, Brand and Trademark
  Regional Council received a report regarding a new marketing strategy for the spring 2012 re-launch and re-opening of the Peel Heritage Complex (PHC).

The Peel Heritage Complex is currently undergoing a capital expansion and will be doubling its size. With the new facility, marketing research indicated the need for a name that would have greater clarity and resonance for PHC visitors and the community at large. In re-naming the facility, it was determined that a new brand program should be developed, including a new logo and that these should be protected through formal trade marking.

The new name “Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives” (PAMA) will provide greater clarity as to the resources housed within the complex.

For more information on the Peel Heritage Complex please visit http://www.peelregion.ca/heritage/

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Public Works
Accessible Transportation Family of Services
Regional Council endorsed the family of services model as a framework for providing accessible transportation services in Peel. One of the benefits of using a ‘family of services’ model is that it allows Peel to divert certain types of trips to the most cost effective mode of delivery.

Agreements were entered into with Caledon Community Services for delivering the Passenger Assistant Program and Transhelp trips in Caledon.

Red Cross will continue to deliver Passenger Assistant Program services in Mississauga and Brampton as well as the Dialysis Transportation Program.

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was passed into law and is expected to put additional pressure on specialized services currently provided by Transhelp by expanding eligibility criteria.

For more information on Accessible Transportation in Peel please visit http://www.peelregion.ca/transhlp/

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Traffipax Agreement for Red Light Camera Services
Regional Council approved the extension of the contract with Traffipax Inc. to include two additional Red Light Cameras in addition to the twenty five active Red Light Cameras currently in use.

The Red Light Camera program has been in operation in the Region of Peel since December 2000 and has proven to be effective in reducing red light running and providing for a safer intersection environment.

Regional Council also approved the expansion of the Red Light Camera program for five additional one year periods commencing in October 2012.

For more information regarding the Red Light Camera program please visit http://www.peelregion.ca/pw/roads/red-light/

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Paramedic Facility Co-location with the Town of Caledon
Regional Council approved entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Corporation of the Town of Caledon to commence design and renovation of a co-located Fire and Paramedic Satellite Station located at 2 Snelcrest Drive in the Town of Caledon.

The project involves renovating and expanding the existing Fire Station #307 located near the intersection of Snelcrest Drive and Valleywood Blvd.

The renovation will add approximately 1,500 square feet for Fire and Emergency Services and 2,400 square feet of new construction to accommodate two ambulances along with associated personnel.

It is anticipated the cost of the renovations will be approximately $850,000.

For more information on Region of Peel Paramedic Services please visit http://www.peelregion.ca/paramedics/

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