A by-law to confirm the proceedings of Regional Council at its Inaugural meeting held on December 4, 2014, and to authorize the execution of documents in accordance with the Region's by-laws relating thereto.

The Council of the Regional Municipality of Peel enacts as follows:

  1. The action of the Council at its meeting held on December 4, 2014 in respect of each report, motion, resolution or other action passed and taken by the Council at its meeting, is hereby adopted, ratified and confirmed, as if each report, motion, resolution or other action was adopted, ratified and confirmed by its separate by-law.

  2. The Regional Chair of the Council and the proper officers of the Regional Corporation are hereby authorized and directed to do all things necessary to give effect to the said action, to obtain approvals where required, and, except where otherwise provided, to execute all documents necessary in that behalf in accordance with the by-laws of the Regional Council relating thereto.

READ THREE TIMES AND PASSED IN OPEN COUNCIL this 4th day of December, 2014.

K. Lockyer

Regional Clerk

F. Dale

Regional Chair