A by-law to amend By-law 43-2002 titled the “Fees By-law” as amended by By-law 110-2012.

WHEREAS, the Council of the Regional Municipality of Peel (“Regional Corporation”) on July 11, 2002 passed By-law 43-2002 to impose fees and charges for services or activities provided by the Regional Municipality of Peel, or for the use of its property, referred to as the “Fees By-law”;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Regional Corporation on October 10 2002 passed By-law 53-2002, on December 12, 2002 passed By-law 66-2002, on March 29, 2007 passed By-law 21-2007, and on December 7, 2012 passed By-law 110-2012, all to amend By-law 43-2002;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Regional Corporation has by resolution adopted on October 10, 2013, authorized the enactment of the by-law herein to further amend By-law 43-2002;

NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Regional Corporation enacts as follows:

  1. That Schedule A to By-law 43-2002, as amended by By-law 110-2012, is hereby amended by deleting Part 5 of Schedule A and replacing it with the Part 5 attached hereto as Schedule A to this amending By-law.


READ THREE TIMES AND PASSED IN OPEN COUNCIL this 10th day of October, 2013.

K. Lockyer

Regional Clerk

E. Kolb

Regional Chair

Schedule "A" to By-law 78-2013 (pdf)