A by-law to adopt estimates of all sums required during the year 2000 for the purposes of the Regional Corporation and to provide a general levy and special levies on Area Municipalities.


WHEREAS the Regional Corporation is required by Section 365(1) of the Municipal Act, (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") to adopt yearly estimates of all sums required during the year for the purposes of the Regional Corporation, including the sums required by-law to be provided by the Regional Council for any local boards of the Regional Corporation;

AND WHEREAS Section 366 of the Act contemplates that a general upper-tier levy will be raised in each year and that a special upper-tier levy or special upper-tier levies may be raised in each year on some or all property in the upper-tier municipality rateable for upper-tier purposes;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Regional Corporation has chosen to delegate to the councils of the area municipalities its authority to establish tax ratios for both regional and municipal purposes, in accordance with By-law 24-98;

AND WHEREAS such delegation effectively prevents the Council of the Regional Corporation from directing the council of each area municipality to levy a separate specified tax rate in order to raise the general upper-tier levy and any special upper-tier levy as otherwise contemplated in Section 366 of the Act;

AND WHEREAS Section 366(7) of the Act provides that the Council of the Regional Municipality of Peel shall ascertain and by by-law direct what portion of the aforesaid amounts shall be levied against and in each area municipality, on or before specified dates;

AND WHEREAS the cost of policing will be allocated so that the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton will be levied for the cost of the Peel Regional Police, with the allocation of costs to be levied on each municipalityís pro rata share of the combined transition ratio weighted assessment for the two municipalities in accordance with the foregoing authority and in accordance with Ontario Regulation 230/99, as amended;

AND WHEREAS the Town of Caledon will be assessed the full cost of providing municipal policing services by the Ontario Provincial Police in accordance with the foregoing authority;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Regional Corporation has adopted By-law 114-94 which provides for the establishment of a Waste Management rate per tonne based upon estimated tonnage amounts to be requisitioned from each area municipality at the same time as the Levy;

AND WHEREAS the difference between the Waste Management levy established for the prior year based upon estimated tonnage amounts and estimated expenditure amounts and the Waste Management levy that would have been established had the actual tonnage and expenditure amounts been used to calculate the levy is to be corrected by an adjustment to the Waste Management levy to be established for the current year inclusive of surplus management adjustments pertaining to actual operating expenditures;

AND WHEREAS the Regional Council has adopted By-law 25-2000 which enacted an Interim Levy against the area municipalities in the year 2000;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Regional Corporation has approved the 2000 Current Budget by Resolution 2000-147, on February 17, 2000 and has authorized the enactment of this by-law;

NOW THEREFORE, the Council of the Regional Corporation enacts as follows:

  1. That a general upper-tier levy in the sum of two hundred and eighty-one million, one hundred and forty thousand, five hundred and fifty nine dollars, ($281,140,559) be levied against the area municipalities and that the area municipalities do pay the following apportionment of that total:
  2. City of Mississauga $ 187,189,762

    City of Brampton $ 77,604,904

    Town of Caledon $ 16,345,893

    $ 281,140,559

  3. That special upper-tier levies for Peel Regional Police purposes in the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and for Ontario Provincial Police purposes in the Town of Caledon in a total amount of one hundred and forty million, six hundred and fifty four thousand, two hundred and fifty nine ($140,654,259) be levied against the area municipalities and that the area municipalities do pay the following:
  4. City of Mississauga $ 95,788,278

    City of Brampton $ 39,711,788

    Town of Caledon $ 5,154,193

    $ 140,654,259

  5. That special upper-tier levies for waste management purposes based upon the estimated weight of waste originating within each area municipality in a total amount of thirty eight million, two hundred and five thousand, one hundred and eighty two dollars ($38,205,182) be levied against the area municipalities on a Waste Management Rate of $92.75 per tonne of estimated weight managed by the Waste Management System and that the area municipalities do pay the following:
  6. City of Mississauga $ 24,437,945

    City of Brampton $ 11,746,183

    Town of Caledon $ 2,021,054

    $ 38,205,182

  7. That the net consolidated general upper-tier levy and special upper-tier levies against each area municipality totaling four hundred and sixty million, ($460,000,000) shall be as follows:
  8. City of Mississauga $ 307,415,985

    City of Brampton $ 129,062,875

    Town of Caledon $ 23,521,140

    $ 460,000,000

  9. That the area municipalities shall be entitled to deduct from the consolidated levies in section 5 those monies, excluding interest, previously billed on the Interim Levy pursuant to By-law 25-2000 of the Regional Corporation as follows:
  10. City of Mississauga $ 150,036,626

    City of Brampton $ 62,164,009

    Town of Caledon $ 11,334,365

    $ 223,535,000

    so that the balance owing from each area municipality shall be:

    City of Mississauga $ 157,379,359

    City of Brampton $ 66,898,866

    Town of Caledon $ 12,186,775

    $ 236,465,000

  1. That the balance owing be paid to the Regional Corporation in accordance with the following Schedule:

  2. Due Date

    City of Mississauga City of Brampton Town of Caledon

    July 17, 2000

    $ 31,475,872


    $ 2,437,355

    August 15, 2000

    $ 31,475,872


    $ 2,437,355

    September 18, 2000

    $ 31,475,872


    $ 2,437,355

    October 16, 2000

    $ 31,475,872


    $ 2,437,355

    November 15, 2000

    $ 31,475,871


    $ 2,437,355





  3. That any amounts not received by the Regionís bank via electronic funds transfer by the due date, or by the Regional Corporation before the close of business on the due date, that being 4:30 p.m., to allow the Region to receive value for the funds on that day, shall bear interest at a rate equivalent to the Regionís lead bankís prime rate on the due date plus one and one half percent per annum to a maximum rate of fifteen percent per annum from the date that payment is due to the date that it is received.

  4. That the Treasurer and Commissioner of Finance is hereby directed and authorized to do all acts necessary to collect these levies.




Bonnie Zeran

Regional Clerk

Emil Kolb

Regional Chair