How the Budget is Funded

The Region of Peel, like other Canadian municipalities, provides a broad range of services funded through: property taxes, external grants and subsidies, utility fees and other fees and charges. Pie Chart

Peel is Part of Your Tax Bill

Peel’s area municipalities (Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga) issue one single tax bill that includes charges from your local municipality, the Region and Education. On average, 42 per cent of your property tax bill goes to the Region of Peel.

The residential utility bill for water and wastewater services is issued by the Region of Peel, separate from the property tax bill.


Where Your Taxes Go

Pie Chart

The Region of Peel provides residents and businesses with essential services such as: running water, roads and traffic lights, police departments, waste services, affordable housing, immunization clinics, and so much more.


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