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Winter and Holiday Waste Collection Reminders


Prepare your holiday waste for collection and check your schedule.

Holiday waste collection schedule

Check your waste collection calendar for collection dates over the holidays.

Week of December 25

During the week of December 25, your waste will be collected two days later than your usual collection day.

If your regular collection day is Thursday, place your waste on the curb for collection on Saturday, December 30.

Week of January 1

During the week of January 1, your waste will be collected one day later than your usual collection day.

Community Recycling Centre (CRC) holiday hours

For details visit CRC Locations, Hours & Services.

Christmas tree pick up

The Region collects real Christmas trees from the curb.
If your Christmas tree is shorter than 3 m (10 ft.), place it at the curb on your scheduled recycling collection day during the weeks of January 8 and January 15, 2018. Check your collection calendar before setting out your tree.
If your tree is taller than 3 m (10 ft.), bring it to a CRC for disposal or cut it in half and place the pieces on the curb for collection.
For details visit How to get rid of…Christmas Tree.

Placing carts at the curb during winter

Follow these special instructions for setting your carts at the curb during winter:

Keep organics cart locks in vertical position

Your organics cart lock works like the key to your house: turn the cart lock one way to lock, and the opposite way to unlock.

To prevent the cart lock from freezing, always leave it in the vertical (up-down) locked position. Keep your green cart locked when you place the cart on the curb. Your organics will still be collected with the cart lid locked