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CPR Awareness Month


Do you know how to save a life?

If the person sitting beside you fell to the ground and stopped breathing, what would you do? Would you call 911 and wait anxiously for paramedics to arrive? Would you get down on your knees and start chest compressions? If there were an AED (automated external defibrillator) close by, would you have the confidence to use it?

November marks CPR Awareness Month, an opportunity to highlight the importance of knowing what to do in a cardiac emergency and stepping up to help. The chance of surviving a cardiac arrest doubles when early CPR is used in combination with an AED in the first few minutes.

If someone collapses and is not breathing normally:

We encourage everyone to take a CPR course through a reputable organization such as St. John Ambulance or Canadian Red Cross.

Learn more about CPR and AEDs